44 things for which I am grateful

So, I’m a little late to this one. Meant to post it last week right after Thanksgiving. Especially after having a house full of boisterous, loving, and fun family. While I had no problem rattling off this list when I jotted it down, the actual posting took awhile. Probably because I’ve been sick with the WORST COLD KNOWN TO MAN. But that’s okay. It’s never too late to be thankful, right? :) (PS – this isn’t on the list, but I’m also thankful for all healthcare professionals. I really should go see them sooner.)

  1. French fries and bread – my two staples
  2. Flannel sheets
  3. A roof over my head
  4. A blanket on my bed
  5. That I sometimes rhyme
  6. Doggies
  7. Kitties
  8. All animals
  9. Sunshine
  10. Being literate
  11. And college-educated
  12. And of somewhat greater than average intelligence
  13. CHOCOLATE – another important staple :)
  14. A wonderful childhood
  15. Awesome parents
  16. My family – ALL of them – Dad, Katie, Ben, Brianna, Hey Joey, Elizabeth, Abbi, Rusty, Emmett, Everett, Hayden, Parker, Lynn, and Jayne – there are more – but this is my core support system
  17. Cozy pjs and warm socks
  18. All the days I wake up
  19. My relative good health
  20. My job – an almost-always pleasant place to go to work
  21. My coworkers
  22. Health insurance
  23. Books!
  24. Libraries
  25. Fridays
  26. Colors – all the colors! And being able to see them
  27. Christmas music
  28. Cheesy, ridiculous, unrealistic, sappy romance novels
  29. Trees
  30. My car
  31. Vacation time
  32. Cameras
  33. A few really, really good friends
  34. Target
  35. Saturday breakfasts with Grandpa
  36. Shoes
  37. Water
  38. Time with my Dad
  39. Being able to laugh at myself (mostly)
  40. Art and other forms of creative expression
  41. Indoor plumbing
  42. ALSO: toilet paper
  43. HUGS!!! Always up for a hug!
  44. Love – even though I am not married or in a committed relationship, don’t have a boyfriend, and have absolutely zero potential on the horizon, I believe there is love all around me – one can find it anywhere – just open your heart – it’s there


So, I’ve added a few photos to the blog here, within my two previous posts. YAY! to me for figuring something out… but WOE! is me for being hopelessly un-technical. Go back and read them AGAIN, I say. And appreciate their stunning clarity. ;)

Yeah, um, I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to formatting and programming. The gap between what I *want* it to look like and what it actually appears to be is vast, to say the least. Bear with me… I’m still trying to figure this “shtuff” out. :)

And, to end with, here’s a photo of my doggie taking a nappy-nap. Aw, Puppers. :)