Nerd Girl MB :)

I’ve always loved school. From my first moments of cut and paste in kindergarten to my final days of, well… um, cut and paste (exacto knives and glue guns, that is) in architecture school, I have absolutely delighted in every minute of my education. It only makes perfect sense that I would one day end up working at a university. In retrospect, I wonder why it ever took me so long to finally admit that education – in one form or another – was my true calling.

By day I am an academic advisor to undecided students. At night, I call myself a writer… but I have a *long* way to go in that category. Honestly? I’m a complete nerd, right at home with my equally nerdy students. Whether it’s conversing about the latest movie, discussing personal values, or finding creative ways to nudge my followers in the right direction, I believe all people are inherently “undecided” until about age 42 – they either don’t know it yet or they are just doing what someone else told them to do. It’s my mission to relieve you of this misconception ASAP; some days, I even fancy myself a superhero of sorts. Indeed, I am living proof that your college major does NOT have to match your career. I will remind you of this over and over and over again…  I also take immense pleasure in witnessing and being a part of my college students’ lives. My greatest hope is that they too will have as rewarding a college experience as I did. And maybe learn something about life along the way.

My role models are, first and foremost, my Mom and Dad, who are always there for me; Albert Einstein, who believed “imagination is more important than knowledge,” and all the advisors out there in every university, who serve tirelessly to help any student in need. Firefighters and people who work with animals are also pretty cool.

When I’m not saving the lives of my students, I enjoy walking my doggies, obsessively watching the TV shows Community and Parks & Recreation (of course!), baking the best cookies ever, reading way too many books, and conjuring up curses on our databases at work. I also compose cinquains in my spare time to combat stress. Only my daytime colleagues know what I mean by this.


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