happy 44 to me

Today is my 44th birthday. This is significant because it’s also the year of my planned mid-life existential crisis. You see, I always thought it would be cool if I lived to 88. It’s a nice round number, a satisfying amount of years, good luck in the Chinese culture, and the symbol for infinity (just on its side). I don’t know when I landed on that number, but it’s always stuck with me. I would be very happy if I made it to that 88th year. So of course, 44 is half that. I feel like it could be momentous. This is the year when I should look back on all the things I’ve done and look forward to the things I still want to do. It’s time to take inventory and see what’s missing. It’s time to reflect, to plan, and with a whiff of change in the air, maybe freak out a little.

To celebrate this 44th cycle of my life, I thought it would be fun to compile little lists of 44 items each throughout the year. You know, like “44 Things You Might Not Know About Me.” Or “My 44 Favorite Movies.” Or “44 Things That Make Me Want To Gouge My Eyes Out.” Stuff like that. I never catalog anything about myself. I don’t have a journal. I don’t write daily social media posts. I don’t scrapbook. I don’t take selfies. I feel like I should this year. It feels important. Plus, I think it will be fun. But mostly for me. Therefore, I apologize now. :) Here we go.

44 (Random) Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I have no middle name. My first name is two words. Thanks Mom.
  2. I couldn’t swallow pills until I got to college. Thanks to Beth for finally helping me out.
  3. I was a band geek and honors nerd in high school.
  4. I am a speed demon. I stopped counting after my tenth ticket.
  5. I have to be on time for everything. This means 15 to 30 minutes early. I have my Dad to thank for that.
  6. In college, I once ate an entire watermelon, spiked with vodka, on a dare.
  7. I like to keep my nails – both finger and toe – ridiculously short.
  8. I have a photographic memory. Seriously. Helps so much with studying and remembering people.
  9. I am obsessed with jeans. I own probably 20 pairs. I think the perfect ones might be from Express. Thanks to KT for introducing me to them.
  10. I hate going out. I’d rather stay in and watch movies or read.
  11. Speaking of reading, I love reading! I read all the time. ALL THE TIME PEOPLE.
  12. I’ve bungee-jumped from the highest man-made bridge in the US (Portland, OR).
  13. I know it’s hard for some people to believe, but I really, REALLY, have never wanted kids of my own. I’m just fine being an aunt. :)
  14. I’m a HUGE introvert. Like, people exhaust me to a puddle of tears. And don’t get me started on my personal bubble.
  15. The Times New Roman font makes me cringe.
  16. I believe very strongly in karma.
  17. I also believe in signs.
  18. I used to collect travel brochures when I was a kid. Our family traveled all the time, all over the US, and I would pick up those brochures in the lobbies of the hotels we stayed in. I had stacks and stacks of them.
  19. I am also a map nerd. I could look at maps for hours.
  20. I hate playing sports. I don’t catch. I don’t throw. And I don’t run. Unless someone is chasing me.
  21. I get excited when I have nothing to do for the weekend.
  22. I think steak might be one of the vilest foods in all the world. I don’t understand how people can eat it.
  23. I’m pretty good at self-preservation. I didn’t get stitches until I was 35 years old. When my dog knocked me over on the sidewalk.
  24. A lot of my “best friends” growing up were my grandparents and my aunts. I usually preferred spending time with them over kids my own age.
  25. I took PB&J for lunch every day – EVERY DAY – of my life from 1st through 6th grade. I would still eat it every day.
  26. Is there such a thing as “too many shoes?” Because that doesn’t really apply to me. I own at least 140 pairs. The last time I counted.
  27. Pink is my favorite color. I wear it A LOT. It makes me happy.
  28. Despite the aforementioned watermelon incident, I rarely drink. It all tastes like NyQuil to me.
  29. I have a slight obsession with squirrels and cardinals. They’re in just about every room of the house. Not real ones – just decorative items.
  30. I love almost any animal. I wish they could talk. Because I would be their friend.
  31. I will NOT visit or patronize a zoo. They are cruel.
  32. I like winter. Except last winter. That was a doozy.
  33. I love puzzles of all kinds – word, number, logic, jigsaw. I’m especially good at jigsaw puzzles – my spatial reasoning skills are off the charts.
  34. I will also kick your ass at Scrabble.
  35. I took ballet and dance lessons for 11 years. I now walk with my feet turned out.
  36. I’m afraid of heights, but I love rollercoasters.
  37. I have every birthday and Christmas card I’ve ever received from my family since I was 8 years old.
  38. I’ve been to a therapist. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  39. I collect: depression glass, cookie jars, Swarovski crystal, pieces of art with dogs as the subject, ribbon, cookbooks, several versions of Twas the Night Before Christmas, Xmas music, and vintage handkerchiefs. None have approached the hoarder stage. :)
  40. I love Christmas. No, no. Let me say that again: I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
  41. We name all the cars in my family. I’ve had the Cherry Bomb (’85 Olds Calais); the Batmobile (’94 Pontiac Sunfire – which was later rechristened the Rattle Box); and the Death Star (’11 Chevy Impala). We’ve also had the Hot Dog, Moby Dick, the Battering Ram, Sparkle Blue, Ol’ Betsy… I’m probably forgetting a few others.
  42. I am definitely a super geek when it comes to anything related to Star Wars, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Gilmore Girls, and Friends.
  43. I don’t really FEEL 44. In my head, I’m probably 24.
  44. I LOVE DOGS. Wait. You already new that one, right? ;)

One thought on “happy 44 to me

  1. #19. Me too! and we are all 24 in our heads. But at 24 I felt like 16. So I guess we are growing up a little.

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